SM Tools Repository?

Last week the # OLCsmed class was very hectic for me, yet fruitful, as more useful and effective ways to use various SM tools are emerging. Consequently, categorizations of these tools are forming in my thinking. The challenge is to keep on “top” of the various uses, ratings and usefulness of various tools, and create a simple-to-use faculty recourse to encourage and guide implementation.

Thanks to the creative suggestion of my colleague Stacy Greathouse (@DrPyrate) I’m thinking of using one of the SM tools as a content curator to actually help create a repository of tools appropriate for various functions and disciplines.

Now to start to this project, which will be very exciting but probably more complicated than expected – at least while I am in the learning phase with these tools.


OLC Social Media Mastery Class

Thoroughly enjoying this class! Getting to know my peers, finding lots of new resources and ideas…. totally energizing, thanks! Pretty sure this experience will help feed my passion for exploring new ways to learn collaboratively in the higher education context. Really helpful new tools and creative ideas! Looking forward every day to exciting and challenging paradigm shifts.

Having attended #ALN14 and hearing Dave Cormier speak about a Rhizomatic Learning model, I am hoping to learn how this model and these features will interface with SM in education.